Contribute Content to FA!

Are you a writer, activist, photographer, artist, videographer, or changemaker?  Interested in contributing original content to the LISTEN section of our website?  We want to hear from you!

Topics for your content are open-ended but must focus in some way on an issue that affects people who identify as women and girls.  All written essays, photo essays, online art exhibits, and videos must also include either a story about an action taken or recommendations for how to take action.  All content must also adhere to the guiding principles of this site.

Written essays should be between 500 and 1,000 words and should cite sources (links are fine) for any facts shared.  Photo and art contributions should include between ten and fifteen original images with captions. Videos should be five minutes or less in length and consist of original artist content.

We believe in the importance of compensating people for their work and are proud to offer $50 for each essay, exhibit, or video chosen for publication.

Ready to get started? Send a sample of your work plus a description of your idea to info@feministsact.com!