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How to Overcome Barriers to Taking Action

While lots of folks are inspired to take action, the reality is that many of us also experience significant barriers to making things happen. Some of us are simply too busy with work and family obligations. Others experience barriers related to mobility or transportation. For others still, it's a matter of not knowing how or where to get involved. Here are a few ways to try and overcome barriers to taking action:

  1. Look for something that fits your life. If you have limited time available and/or are experiencing issues with mobility or transportation, consider taking on an online role or project. These types of volunteer opportunities frequently afford flexibility with how you structure your available time and from where you complete your work. Typically, all you need is a computer and access to the Internet! Want to engage in an action in person but need a bit of extra support? Be sure to ask the organizers what they can do to make an event or opportunity more accessible for you.
  2. Join a team effort. Not sure you have the capacity or availability to take on something with significant responsibility? Join a team of folks so that you share the load with others. This can be an ongoing project or a one-day event where you just show up and contribute your time and energy for a few hours. Another way to be part of a “team” is to add your name to the crowd by signing petitions. Be one of the many who creates change in just a few seconds!
  3. Design your own role. Spend some time brainstorming what your perfect engagement would look like. How much time would you spend on it? What would your responsibilities be? Then take a look to see if something like it exists out there. If you can't find a good match, create your own role or project!
  4. Invest in someone else. Sometimes we just aren't available to do much more than follow folks on social media or donate a few dollars online. That's ok! This can be a great way to invest in and support the work of someone else. We don't all have to do it all; sharing the words and supporting the work of others is a great way to still have significant impact!

Ready to get started? We have a few activities to help you determine how to get involved here. Also, you can read more about the various ways people take action here.