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How Do You Want to Get Involved?

Want to get started but not sure how? We've created a few activities on this website to help you explore the many ways you can take action, as well as determine your interests and the skills you can offer as well as identify your key interests .

So let's start with thinking about how you can get involved. For example, do you want to be on the front lines, engaged in a visible way? Or would you prefer to be more behind the scenes? Do you want to lead an effort or would you rather be one of the many partners needed to move things forward?

The good news here is that every movement, effort, and organization needs all kinds of individuals…and all kinds of engagement. You just need to determine for yourself where you will most thrive.

Leader or Team Member?

Let's begin with the leadership question: there will be many opportunities for you to take the lead if you're comfortable with that role. This will likely include taking on a position with significant responsibility – for example, serving as the curator of social media for a nonprofit organization or taking on the role of head organizer for a social movement. Not up for, or don't currently have the time or capacity, to take on a leadership role right now? No worries! There are many different ways you can serve as a valued member of a movement without committing to a lot of time and individual responsibility; examples include participating in a protest march, volunteering for a few hours at a local nonprofit , or joining a national boycott effort.

Front Lines or Behind the Scenes?

The second decision you'll want to make is whether you'd prefer to engage in direct or indirect service. Direct service tends to include visible, on the front lines types of tasks and activities like gathering signatures for a petition or teaching a workshop. Indirect service is more behind the scenes work that is typically about improving or sustaining the capacity of an organization or movement to continue its work; examples include website development, fundraising, and volunteer recruitment.

Not Sure Which One You Prefer?

Consider taking the following quiz:

  1. You're volunteering for the day with a local domestic violence shelter. Which activity most interests you?
    1. Preparing and serving meals to the individuals staying at the shelter
    2. Assisting with office tasks like data entry and filing
    3. Whatever they most need for me to do!
  2. A social movement is organizing a day of action. Which potential task sounds like the best fit for you?
    1. Leading chants and talking to the crowd on the day of the march
    2. Helping to procure permits and organize logistics before the day of the march
    3. Both of these tasks sound good to me.
  3. A local girls mentorship organization needs help getting the word out on a new program that they are offering. How would you prefer to help?
    1. Table at a local farmers market or community fair to share information face-to-face with attendees
    2. Design dynamic social media posts for their followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat
    3. I'm game for either!
  4. You need to raise funds for a grassroots movement. Which task sounds more interesting?
    1. MC'ing a local fundraising event
    2. Creating an online fundraising campaign
    3. I have to choose?
  5. A growing social movement has made the decision to become a formal nonprofit organization. They are seeking help from folks to get things up and running. How do you want to participate?
    1. Schedule and facilitate one-on-one meetings with other local organizations to establish formal partnerships
    2. Research and identify the steps and logistics required to become a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization
    3. Either role would work for me.


Now that you've completed the quiz, go back through your answers and add up the number of times you answered a, b, or c. Based on your totals, your interest in getting involved might align with one of the following:

Mostly As: On the Front Lines

If you chose mostly a's, this might mean that you're an outgoing person who really likes to interact with others. You likely don't shy away from the limelight and are generally ok with being in a visible role. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for this type of service! To get started, check out our section on Ways to Take Act ion here.

Mostly Bs: Behind the Scenes

If you chose mostly b's, you might be more comfortable with opportunities to engage in work behind the scenes. The good news is that these capacity building roles are just as important as their more visible counterparts! They just often require less face-to-face time with others and/or less time out in front of the movement. Does this sound like it aligns with your interests? Check out our section on Ways to Take Action to learn more about the many ways to get started.

Mostly Cs: Up for Anything!

You might be an extrovert; you might be an introvert. You might even be an ambivert! However you identify, it sounds like you're open to roles both in front of and behind the curtain. Fortunately for you, this means that the possibilities and options for getting involved are almost infinite! Jump to our Ways to Take Action section next to explore some of the many ways you can get started.

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