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Racism, Discrimination, and Bias

Folks who identify as women and girls in the United States experience racism, discrimination, and bias in many forms.  Sometimes it manifests as harassment or abuse; sometimes, it’s the denial of jobs, housing, and other basic human rights.  Folks are discriminated against across the country due to their race or ethnicity; culture, nationality, or immigration status; religion; sexual orientation; class; education; and gender identity.  Many also experience bigotry and discrimination related to their physical bodies, including hate crimes and discrimination against transgender individuals, people with disabilities, and sex workers. 

So who is doing the front lines work of fighting against racism, discrimination, and bias for women and girls in the United States?  On the right side of this page, you’ll see a list of national organizations with which you can connect to learn more and take action.  Be sure to also do a search online, including on social media, to identify organizations that are working to address racism and discrimination in your state or your community.

Ready to get started? Explore how you can get involved and learn about the many ways to take action.


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