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Body Image + Body Positivity

It likely comes as no surprise to most folks that female and female-identifying bodies are judged and politicized fiercely in modern American society. From overt sexualization to fat-shaming to policing what girls and women can wear, it seems that everyone has an opinion on female bodies and how they should, and should not, look and behave. The result of all this judgment and shaming can lead to such harmful outcomes as eating disorders, low self-esteem, and self-harm. So what can girls and women do to develop and sustain a positive body image for themselves?

The body positive movement, including many individual voices and organizations addressing issues of body image for folks of all sizes, has been especially active in making sure that folks who identify as women and girls have autonomy over their own bodies and can take pride in their physical form, however one looks and however they choose to present. Over on the right side of this page, you’ll see a list of national organizations with which you can connect, all to prepare you to take action on issues related to body image and body positivity.  Be sure to also do a search online, including on social media, to identify organizations doing body image and body positivity work in your state or your community.

Also, check out this great article by Melissa A. Fabello at Everyday Feminism: "3 Reasons Why You Can't Have Body Positivity Without Feminism."

Ready to get started? Explore how you can get involved and learn about the many ways to take action.

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