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National Service

Maybe you're ready to make a big commitment to feminist change and are pondering ways you can take action full-time. While a new job or going back to school are always options, you might also want to consider national service. There are several national programs – AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, City Year, Teach for America – where you can serve full-time, contributing your energy and skills in exchange for a stipend and other potential benefits, in programs that serve diverse communities. And while these programs are typically not allowed to engage in political action or lobbying, you will indeed still be working on issues that affect women and girls nationwide: education, poverty, health and nutrition, the environment, etc.  Not sure which program might be right for you?  Check out Service Year Alliance to search for opportunities and learn more about your options.

Curious to learn more? Consider connecting directly with these programs at the links above. You can also talk to alumni of their programs to learn more about their experiences:

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