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Research a New Issue

With winter holidays arriving and congressional sessions winding down, December can be a good time to slow down a little and seek to learn and understand complex issues more fully. So grab your computer and do some reading! 

Choose an issue about which you are passionate and go to the website of organizations who are working on this cause to learn more about their goals and strategies (you'll find a list of organizations addressing the issues listed on our site on the right side of each issue page here).

Then seek out additional sources to find historical context, new perspectives, and personal stories to further flesh out your understanding of the issue. It's especially important to seek out the voices of those most affected by legislation, policies, and cultural/social/political systems in order to better understand their lived experiences.

If this sounds like a tall order, perhaps set a goal of reading one new article or blog post per day.  Alternatively, you might create an online or in-person group with whom you can choose articles or books to read, podcasts to listen to, etc., then get together virtually or in-person to discuss what you've learned. Think of it like a current events book club!

On Your Computer

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