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Make a Plan to Take Action

Between winter holidays and time spent with friends and family, many people think of December as a season of giving - the giving of money, the giving of time, and the giving of attention. So, this month, consider taking five minutes (or more!) to determine how you can best contribute to the causes and issues you care most about. Then make a plan to take action!

Not sure which topics or areas for taking action are most compelling to you?  Check out this section of our website to learn more about several key issues affecting women and girls in the United States. Be sure to review the right side of the page for a list of organizations who are working hard to create change in our communities.  Elsewhere on our site, you can complete activities and quizzes to determine what matters to you, decide how you want to get involved, and identify your skills and talents. Then visit our Act section to learn about the many ways people choose to take action on the issues about which they are passionate.

Whatever you choose to do next, let's make this December a season of giving and get ready to make 2019 another year of action!


In Five Minutes

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