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Join Get Out the Vote Efforts

October is already a whirlwind of activity as many different organizations engage in phone banking, canvassing, registration drives, and other efforts to encourage folks to participate in the critical midterm election November 6th. Want to participate in an online capacity? Post updates on voter registration deadlines and the process to sign up on your social media accounts. Consider connecting with organizations like MoveOn, Sister District, March On, and Swing Left to explore opportunities to phone bank and sign petitions from the comfort of your couch.

Ready to move beyond online activism to get actual boots on the ground? Use your computer to find local canvassing and phone banking efforts hosted by specific candidates and campaigns; you can typically find these on Facebook – search for specific candidate/campaign names or ballot measure/initiative/proposition numbers - and via the local office of your preferred political party.

Whether you get involved online or in-person isn’t important. What matters most is that, given the critical nature of this upcoming election, everyone participate however they can. Then, on November 6th, be sure to vote!



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